Thursday, May 26, 2011

First Post

Let see this is all new to me making a blog. Figured it was about time for me to join the band wagon and see whats this is all about. Since i have a few fitness goals that i want to achieve figured this would be the best outlet for me to keep up with it and to get modivation.

Guess i should start with introductions then. My name is Christopher Dugan, I have a Associates degree from Trident Technical College in Graphic Design, I am a graduate of The University Of South Carolina with a Bachelors in Media Arts and a minor in Graphic Design. I have been dating a wonderful absolutely gorgeous girl that i met my first year at USC and love her still to this day. She is a photographer for the Gamecock Anthem, which is a dream job of here cause she get to go around and shoot the USC Baseball and Football team, I am so very proud of here cause she has come along way from her point and shoot camera days. We have two dogs a German Shepard mix and a beagle.

I started to lift serious after i got out of high school after i was over at a friends house and the weight they were lifting i could not bench.  These guys were so much smaller than me and it was an eye opener that i need to change. So my conquest began to gain strength, i would say i peaked when at USC when i was 250lbs and bench 315 like it was nothing. After i got out of school i more just wanted to maintain and saw no reason to lift that heavy anymore. It was last year when i tried a test run to lose weight and i went fro 240 down to about 220 and then now i'm down to about 200.

My goal for this summer session is to drop weight a bit more just to see if i can do it the goal is 175 but realistically I'm sure it may be around the 180 to 185 range only time will tell i guess.

Well that's all i got but its a start i guess. will have to do something bout this layout soon though.