Wednesday, June 8, 2011

great quote

The Iron is the best antidepressant I have ever found. There is no better way to fight weakness than with strength. Once the mind and body have been awakened to their true potential, it’s impossible to turn back. - Henry Rollins

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Leg, Back, Abs combo

Well i meant to write in this the other day but just got busy. Lets get to it then

Since i have been starting to work on more core base workouts and from some of the research i did hers how day one looked like.

Of course i started with a big lift which consisted of squats, i wasn't really planing on going to heavy but ended up maxing that day at 405lbs alot more than i wanted to do but i felt good that day so why not right. Next i went into some good mornings i am a little bit uneasy about doing those cause if not done right you can seriously mess up your back but in our to get good abdominal muscles you gotta have a strong back. I only went to 95 on those which is more than enough i think I'll probably in the weeks to come try and get up to 135, won't take much.

And now for the abs i did Russian twits and weighted leg raises. they don't sound like much but when you do a good bit of them it starts to burn and that's what we are looking for. I spent about a good 45 minutes on the treadmill to end the whole workout. I think cardio might be key in reaching my goal, i suck at it and know i need to start doing more of them.

that's it not bad for a second post i think, i'm sure i'll get better as time progresses.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

First Post

Let see this is all new to me making a blog. Figured it was about time for me to join the band wagon and see whats this is all about. Since i have a few fitness goals that i want to achieve figured this would be the best outlet for me to keep up with it and to get modivation.

Guess i should start with introductions then. My name is Christopher Dugan, I have a Associates degree from Trident Technical College in Graphic Design, I am a graduate of The University Of South Carolina with a Bachelors in Media Arts and a minor in Graphic Design. I have been dating a wonderful absolutely gorgeous girl that i met my first year at USC and love her still to this day. She is a photographer for the Gamecock Anthem, which is a dream job of here cause she get to go around and shoot the USC Baseball and Football team, I am so very proud of here cause she has come along way from her point and shoot camera days. We have two dogs a German Shepard mix and a beagle.

I started to lift serious after i got out of high school after i was over at a friends house and the weight they were lifting i could not bench.  These guys were so much smaller than me and it was an eye opener that i need to change. So my conquest began to gain strength, i would say i peaked when at USC when i was 250lbs and bench 315 like it was nothing. After i got out of school i more just wanted to maintain and saw no reason to lift that heavy anymore. It was last year when i tried a test run to lose weight and i went fro 240 down to about 220 and then now i'm down to about 200.

My goal for this summer session is to drop weight a bit more just to see if i can do it the goal is 175 but realistically I'm sure it may be around the 180 to 185 range only time will tell i guess.

Well that's all i got but its a start i guess. will have to do something bout this layout soon though.