Thursday, June 2, 2011

Leg, Back, Abs combo

Well i meant to write in this the other day but just got busy. Lets get to it then

Since i have been starting to work on more core base workouts and from some of the research i did hers how day one looked like.

Of course i started with a big lift which consisted of squats, i wasn't really planing on going to heavy but ended up maxing that day at 405lbs alot more than i wanted to do but i felt good that day so why not right. Next i went into some good mornings i am a little bit uneasy about doing those cause if not done right you can seriously mess up your back but in our to get good abdominal muscles you gotta have a strong back. I only went to 95 on those which is more than enough i think I'll probably in the weeks to come try and get up to 135, won't take much.

And now for the abs i did Russian twits and weighted leg raises. they don't sound like much but when you do a good bit of them it starts to burn and that's what we are looking for. I spent about a good 45 minutes on the treadmill to end the whole workout. I think cardio might be key in reaching my goal, i suck at it and know i need to start doing more of them.

that's it not bad for a second post i think, i'm sure i'll get better as time progresses.

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