Saturday, January 7, 2012

1st week down

So the first week in the new year is coming to an end at least the work week. It started out great spending the new year with some friends and my girl. That next day was the long trip to Orlando, though long it was worth it, got to see my gamecocks win a bowl game which is pretty awesome for being my first bowl game.
Orlando is def a pretty awesome place to visit I see in my near future returning there, especially going back to Daytona beach it was pretty cool being able to drive right on the beach, I can understand why most places wouldn't like that but that seems to be the right way to go.

Back at work on Wednesday i was expecting it to be very busy but turns out that was the opposite got my work done, put out a few fires and was able to go home early. Thursday was the same store meetings took care of some issues that need to be looked at and then home. Friday, end of the work day went through the motions of everything and done. 

We went out last night to club XS, first time going back to the place sine it was reconverted from Elements and first impression was wow they really put some work into this place. Only thing i was against was the fact some of us had to pay and others got in for free. Also the places drinks were expensive, the only thing that was there real saving grace was the fact that people were nice there and that always goes a long way. It was fun night really enjoyed myself and great way to end the night was heading to the waffle house for a chicken and bacon wrap.

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