Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Blog of the new year

So I brought my new year in with the a few good friends. I was really glad that I got to bring it in the way I did with everything goong on right now just something I feel I needed. And hey found a new champagne that tastes pretty good might try and pick up a bottle in the near future.

Right now I am on the road with my girl and her dad to Orlando right now to go to the USC Bowl game with Nebraska. We are about 92 miles away and I've taken about two nap so far. The hotel that we are staying at is consider a resort we found this out just yesterday so it will be interesting to see how this place looks the pictures looked awesome and I'm hopeing to catch a quick work while tonight.

I guess now that I know theres is this blogging app I'll def be trying to do more of it

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